Jigsaw puzzles

Each puzzle takes between 16 and 30 minutes to complete.
All pieces are in their correct orientation.
Do the edges first as you would a conventional jigsaw puzzle.
Click on the link below image to download the puzzle to your download folder. Double click on the downloaded file to open it.
A small image will appear on your screen, double click it to start the puzzle.
From the menu on the top, left click Ghost (this will put a faded image of the puzzle as a background guide).
Click and hold the cursor on any piece of the jigsaw to move it into position or off to the side to clear the image.
You can click on the menu item "Image" to see a completed image of the puzzle.
Remember, all pieces are in their correct orientation.
Beautiful Orchid
Fruit & Vegetables

Golden Pheasant


Wood scene

Sleepy Fox
Daffodils and Tulips

Beautiful butterfly
Colourful Bird
When opening the puzzle you may get a message saying Windows has blocked this software from running.
I guarantee there are no malicious viruses in these Puzzles.
You can safely continue to run this software. Just click on more info and click run anyway
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