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  • View from our balcony
  • View of drive from our balcony
  • Main bedroom
  • Bathroom 1
  • Bathroom 2
  • Barb relaxing on the balcony
  • Barb still there
  • Inner courtyard
  • Swimming pool, sun beds and chairs
  • Close up of pool
  • Barb relaxing by he pool
  • Another angle of the pool
  • View of the hotel from pool
  • The kitchen
  • Viva Espania restaurante 1
  • Viva Espania restaurante 2
  • Horse show 1
  • Horse show 2
  • Horse show 3
  • Horse show 4
  • Horse show 5
  • Horse show 6
  • Horse show 7 Trust Barb to get in the photo
  • Flamenco show 1
  • javascript slideshow
  • Flamenco show 3
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